Homeschool Lemonade, by Emma


When life gives you lemons…

This has been a hard year, probably one of the hardest of my life. We’ve had many losses and a great deal of tragedy in our family. We have come together as a family and have grown stronger, and I believe homeschooling has greatly contributed to this strengthened family bond.

My children are young, both elementary-aged. During this hectic, crazy year, they coped by sticking to our routine. Get up in the morning, sneak past Mama to play with the dog (while Mama pretends not to hear them). Grab a snack in the kitchen. Play for a bit until Mama drags herself out of bed. Start lessons, have breakfast and continue on with school. School usually ends around eleven, and the rest of the afternoon is spent reading, playing games, or sometimes watching a movie. It’s quaint, peaceful, and serene, the exact opposite of all the craziness going on around us. I am so grateful for the peace.

I sit here, trying to imagine what the year would have been like if the kids had been away at school. I picture tired children, stress, rushing around, and a disconnected family. I’m grateful for one less thing to deal with on my plate.

So once again, I am reminded to be grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my babies, and to teach math using princess dolls while dressed like a princess. To read Pinocchio while snuggled on the couch. To receive mid-day hugs and kisses when life becomes hard.


Emma has been married for 7 years, and is mom of 2, plus one once-crazy dog. She’s been homeschooling for 3 years now in NC. In addition to being a wife, mom and educator, she is also a Graphic Designer.