Our Mission

Sandbox to Socrates was born out of online conversations among the contributors who wished that there were a platform for moderate inclusive homeschoolers to write and share their experiences with other like-minded persons, especially new homeschoolers.

Our vision is that we will provide and promote both a voice and resources for all homeschoolers, new and experienced, in a moderate, inclusive, global setting.

Moderate–By this we mean that we are devoted to the virtue of kindness in our posts, irrespective of whether we all agree on the content.

Inclusive–By this we mean both that all voices and views are welcome, provided that they are expressed kindly, and that no single viewpoint takes precedence over others. Our contributors’ views run the the gamut of belief systems, from non-belief to Pagan, from Non-denominational to LDS, from the unsure to the devout. No privilege shall attach to any of these, and each is free to speak in her own voice, honestly and forthrightly.

Global–by this we mean that our contributors hail from across the United States and around the globe. We strive to avoid being US-centric in our expressions of homeschooling, relying rather on the areas of experience that all may share.

Finally, our particular interest and focus is on the classical method of homeschooling, though naturally we also post about lighter, less strictly academic topics as well. We have links to resources and information about other types of homeschooling on our Other Homeschool Methods page.

Sandbox to Socrates
January 17, 2014

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