Getting Started

How to get started homeschooling? It’s so overwhelming, finding out your area’s laws, choosing curriculum, setting up all your gear and buying all your books…don’t forget the year’s supply of coffee and chocolate for Mom…

We’ve tried to assemble our best Wisdom for Beginners right here for you as you are Getting Started.

Homeschooling: Where to Start, by Jane-Emily

Keeping Records through Middle School by Angela Berkeley

Homeschooling in New York by Angela

Testing and Recordkeeping in a Minimally Regulated State by Cheryl

Seen Around the Web: Homeschooling in Highly Regulated States

Planning for High School by Lisa Appelo

In the Age of High-Stakes Testing, How Do I Know if My Child is Measuring Up? by Cheryl

Choosing Curriculum by Sarah R.

Blessed Be the Interruptions by Briana Elizabeth

Curriculum Fairs and Conventions: How Not to Be Overwhelmed, by Cheryl

Homeschooling is Legal in All 50 States by Megan



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