You asked: How can I stop my baby from having intertrigo?

How do I get rid of intertrigo fast?

Home Remedies for Intertrigo

  1. Place an absorbent dressing (such as a telfa pad, menstrual pad, or gauze) against the rash and changing it regularly.
  2. Use a fan or blow dryer on the cool setting to air out the skin fold.
  3. Use a soft towel to gently dry the area several times a day.
  4. Wear clothing made of moisture-wicking fabric.


What causes baby Intertrigo?

Intertrigo is inflammation of skinfolds caused by skin-on-skin friction. It is a common skin condition affecting opposing cutaneous or muco-cutaneous surfaces. Intertrigo may present as diaper rash in children. The condition appears in natural and obesity-created body folds.

Does baby powder help intertrigo?

Dry skin folds and other areas that trap moisture, such as armpits, groin, and under your breasts. Use plain baby powder to keep the area dry.

How do you stop intertrigo?

You can help prevent intertrigo by doing these things:

  1. Keep skin cool and dry.
  2. Do not wear tight shoes or clothing. Wear a bra that has good support.
  3. Wear clothes made with absorbent fabrics, such as cotton. …
  4. If you are overweight, try to lose weight.
  5. After exercising, shower and dry off completely.
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Will intertrigo go away on its own?

Intertrigo is a common and treatable condition. It has a good prognosis in people who are otherwise healthy. If a secondary infection is involved, it’s important to treat the cause until the symptoms are gone. In some cases, intertrigo can become chronic.

What happens if intertrigo goes untreated?

Left untreated, intertrigo can result in severe skin breakdown, abscess formation, and cellulitis—an infection of the deep layers of skin.

Do I need to see a doctor for Intertrigo?

If you have any symptoms of intertrigo, be sure to see your doctor. Your doctor can check for the presence of infection as well.

What cream is best for Intertrigo?

Intertrigo infected by bacteria should be treated with topical (eg, mupirocin) or oral antibiotics (eg, penicillin) along with low-potency topical steroids. Intertrigo infected by yeasts or dermatophytes should be treated with antifungal agents.

What does intertrigo look like?

Intertrigo looks like a red, raw rash on the skin. It may feel sore or itchy, and it can sometimes ooze. It can develop in any fold of the skin.

What does intertrigo smell like?

What are intertrigo symptoms and signs? Symptoms of intertrigo include itching and burning in the intertriginous zones. Occasionally, long-standing intertrigo may produce a musty smell. With intertrigo, these areas become inflamed and appear red-brown and sometimes scaly.

Is intertrigo a yeast infection?

While intertrigo itself is not a yeast infection, worsening symptoms suggest that the area has become infected with yeast or bacteria, and crusting, erosions, and other complications can occur as a result. In severe cases, infected areas may ooze or emit a foul odor.

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How should I dress for Intertrigo?

Irritated skin folds should be patted dry, rather than wiped or rubbed. 4 Loose-fitting, light- weight clothing of natural fabrics or athletic clothing that wicks moisture away from the skin are good choices. Open-toed shoes may be beneficial in preventing toe-web intertrigo.

Is sudocrem good for Intertrigo?

While Sudocrem won’t prevent chafing from happening, it certainly will help to soothe the condition as it’s an antiseptic and contains skin soothing properties. 1Namely, it contains lanolin as one of its key ingredients alongside zinc oxide.

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