Frequent question: Where does the infant car seat go in a shopping cart?

Never put the car seat on a shopping cart, restaurant high chair, counter top, bed, sofa, table, bench, etc – as the car seat can fall from these raised surfaces. If you bring the car seat into the store, put the car seat IN the basket of the shopping cart… rather than on top of the shopping cart.

Do carseats click into shopping carts?

Moreover, if you read through the manual for the car seat itself, you will find most of them tell you not to put an infant car seat on a shopping cart. The car seats do not lock or click into place like they do on a car seat base, which means they are not secure, and your baby can fall.

Can you put a baby carrier in a shopping cart?

Personal infant carriers are not designed to be placed on shopping carts – leading to hundreds of accidents in retail stores each year. In fact, car seat manufacturers and grocery cart manufacturers both warn against using infant carriers with shopping carts.

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Where do you put a newborn in a shopping cart?

Never put your infant car seat on top of a shopping cart. It makes the cart top-heavy and your baby could fall off. You can set the car seat inside the cart, but depending what’s on your list, that may not leave much room for groceries. Many moms of newborns opt to bring a baby carrier or shopping cart hammock.

How do you go grocery shopping with a baby?

Here are three ways to approach shopping with a baby:

  1. Put the infant carseat in a cart designated to hold car seats.
  2. Wear your baby in a front carrier and push the cart.
  3. Use a baby shopping cart hammock.


When can babies sit in shopping carts?

As soon as your baby can sit up without support, which can be as early as 6 months, she can ride in the seat of a grocery cart. But wait until she can sit steadily on her own for the length of a shopping trip because babies aren’t well supported by the lap belts found on most shopping carts.

Can a 4 month old sit in a shopping cart?

Your baby can finally ride in the seat of a shopping cart once she has strong head and neck control and can steadily sit up on her own for at least the length of a shopping errand. … Typically around 3-4 months old a baby can hold her head up on her own.

How long can a baby be in a carrier car seat?

Used for infants up to 22 to 35 pounds or more; check the instruction manual or the seat label for weight limits. Babies who have outgrown their infant-only safety seat will need a larger seat that can be used rear-racing, such as a convertible safety seat, until they are 2 years of age.

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Are shopping cart hammocks safe?

A study by Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that approximately 24,000 kids a year, or 66 kids per day, are treated in hospital emergency rooms because of shopping cart-related injuries. … That’s one reason we invented the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock™. It’s a safe shopping solution for moms and dads with babies.

Can you take strollers into target?

Yep, if your stroller has a car seat attachment,it’s the easiest way (or if you drive there – just carry the car seat and plop in in the store cart). OR, just go with your stroller, and use the cart area of the stroller for your stuff if it’s not that much.

How do you go grocery shopping with a stroller?

Instead, try out the trick that is today’s hint: Use your stroller as your grocery basket. If you have a stroller basket, just simply pile the items you need onto the bottom of your stroller, and then pull them out at checkout.

How do you shop with a 3 month old?

Here are nine mom hacks to make shopping with a baby easier.

  1. Take an extra set of hands. …
  2. Put the car seat in the cart, not on top. …
  3. Get a cart cover. …
  4. Keep snacks on you. …
  5. Take the bag or leave the bag? …
  6. Wear your baby. …
  7. Park near a cart corral. …
  8. Keep a stroller in your car.


How do I take my 4 month old grocery shopping?

How to safely shop for groceries with kids

  1. If you have a baby, put them in a baby carrier or stroller instead of in the grocery cart.
  2. If you put your child in a stroller, use a plastic or cloth covering (babies and toddlers under age 2 should not wear face masks).
  3. If you’re placing them in the cart, wipe it down first.
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