Dear Miz Socrates,, Veteran Homeschoolers

Dear Miz Socrates- Week 1

Thanks to Stacey and Anna who found my email address and pointed out that asking questions in private is optimal. I’ve passed their questions along to our expert panel of parents, and I’ll give you a link in case you have a question for next week. Ask us any kind of homeschooling related question here. Or join our Facebook Group.

From Stacey:

Dear Miz Socrates,

I find myself checking social media a lot more than I should. What are your thoughts on acceptable social media usage during the school day?


I think social media use can be a negative if you’re worried about missing out, or if you feel bad when you’re done. But, if it uplifts you, and your children are otherwise occupied, why not?-Courtney O.

Homeschooling is very child centered, and I don’t begrudge a mom social media time! Self-care is very important!–Anya W.

I actually agree. I feel guilty that I have never once felt guilty about my media usage.
I give up enough as it is.
Sometimes I knit or spin when the kids are working on their schoolwork. There is so much time when the kids are working on problems. I need something to keep me from being bored, but I need to be right there with them, so my options are limited.
The Internet is a good solution for me. Not going to apologize for it.-Genevieve M

Social media is my lifeline during the day.–Lynne M.

I think social media use can be a negative if you’re worried about missing out, or if you feel bad when you’re done. But, if it uplifts you, and your children are otherwise occupied, why not?–Courtney O.

As an introvert, social media is about as social as I get. I’m glad everyone else chimed in and feel basically the same way.–Jen N


From Anna:

Dear Miz Socrates,

I think I want to start homeschooling next year. My husband isn’t on board. What do you say? My 8yo daughter is miserable in school.

Homeschooling was an incredibly difficult decision for me. I come from a long, long line of public school teachers (my great-great grandmother was a schoolteacher in the Laura Ingalls Wilder days), and I believe in public schools.
But, our children are only with us for 936 Sundays. How many of those do we want our children to be miserable? How much misery is “right”? If an adult had a miserable job, they’d look for the first out they could, wouldn’t they? They’d job hunt, move to another city, or even go back to school to get out of a bad situation. Why is our child’s misery less credible than our own? Why should we not assist them in getting out of an intolerable situation?
That said, most spouses are not going to be on board with a parent unilaterally pulling a child out of school–divorce cases are especially nasty in homeschooling situations. Your best bet is to find their objection and help them overcome it in some way.
In my case, I just looked at it as a temporary situation. “Let’s do this for kindergarten. Kindergarten isn’t even required in some states. Even if I totally mess this up, she won’t miss out on much.” That became, “Let’s just do this until the end of the school year.” When the end of the school year came, she was a visibly happier child, and that result made all the spousal difference.–Courtney O.

When my husband and I would argue about homeschooling, he said all the typical things people say- socialization, they’ll be weird, etc. Finally, at one point he said, “I’m never going to agree to homeschool.” And then I said, “You don’t seem to understand that I do not agree to their current public schooling.” He just didn’t realize that I was as opposed to what was happening at the school as he was to the idea of homeschooling. That was a light bulb moment for him. He didn’t become fully on board until an incident happened at school that broke the camel’s back. After that, even he knew that the kids could not go back to our public school.–Lynne M.

When my first grader was unhappy in public school, we tried out homeschooling over Spring Break and homeschooled the entire summer after first grade as a trial period.
My husband was convinced after he saw how enthusiastic she became about learning and how much happier she was in general.
During the first year of homeschooling, I also researched private schools in case it didn’t work out, but after that first year, we all knew that homeschooling is an awesome option for our family!–Genevieve M.

We started our homeschool on a trial basis one Summer, and although my husband knew nothing about it, he saw how happy our boys were and trusted my judgment that this was the right thing for our family. Do some research and order a few things to try this Summer and see how it goes. –Jen N.



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