New Beginnings

Some of you might have noticed that things have become very quiet over the past few months. This was nothing that we had intentionally planned, and it has weighed heavily on our collective conscience.

The group of us came up on some very hard life situations — cross-country moves, life-altering sickness, older children who needed so much more of us — and due to those stresses, we lost the spark that made writing for the Sandbox fun.

But we never forgot you, our readers, and our responsibility toward you.

To remain true to its original vision and continuing to help homeschoolers everywhere, we decided to hand off Sandbox to Jen Naughton, the author of Recreational Scholar and Viking Academy.

We are so very thankful to her for taking on this huge project. We know we’re leaving our project of the heart in good hands, with someone who will spark a vision for its future and serve the readers we’ve become so endeared to. Thank you for your support these last three years, dear readers.
Bon Voyage!

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