Pezze e Piselli

July Pezze e Piselli, by Tammy

Today marks the celebration of the United States of America’s 240th birthday. 2016 is also a presidential election year here. Teaching our children about government processes is important no matter where we live, so I’ve compiled a list of resources to help with that endeavor. If you can recommend a resource, especially for countries other than the US, please link it in the comments or post it in our Facebook group. (Some of these are affiliate links that benefit Sandbox to Socrates if you purchase.)

Grammar Stage:

The U.S. Constitution and You

How the U.S. Government Works

Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts

The Land of Fair Play: American Civics from a Christian Perspective (uses a baseball game analogy)

iCivics (free games)

Logic Stage:

America’s Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty (free)

One homeschool mom’s schedule for America’s Heritage

Crash Course Videos

Written resources to use with Crash Course Videos ($$)

Rhetoric Stage:

The Federalist Papers – Federalist Paper #10 speaks to factions and much of the logic applies to the advantages and disadvantages of parties; Federalist Paper #68 speaks to the electoral college. A Kindle version is free. THIS Kindle version has a free bonus audiobook (99cents at time of posting).

The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate. ~Thomas Jefferson



Tammy lives in the desert southwest where antelope play in her front yard, grazing among the rattlers and scorpions. She enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and crochet. She currently  homeschools one son.


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