How to Get Started with Homeschooling

Whether you’re looking at the bright, shiny face of your new five-year-old or you’ve yanked your 10th grader out of school mid-year, beginning your homeschool adventure can be daunting. Scary, even.

No parent wants to mess up a child’s education or leave him at a disadvantage later in life. Having doubts that you can really do this is normal. However, once you get into the swing of things, you will see that it can be done – and is being done by millions of families all over the world.

Several Sandbox to Socrates authors have shared their advice for starting out in homeschooling. We’ve compiled a list of these articles here for your convenience.

If you have specific questions about homeschooling in your state or about different curricula, join our Facebook group to ask your questions to hundreds of experienced homeschoolers already in the trenches.



Homeschooling is Legal in All 50 States

Testing and Record-Keeping in a Minimally Regulated State

Homeschooling in Highly Regulated States

Homeschooling: Where to Start?

Choosing Curriculum

How Will I Know If My Child Measures Up?

Planning for High School



From Classroom to Homeschool

No Operator’s Manual

You CAN Teach Your Child to Read


Calling for Backup

Greenest Pastures


We will highlight some of these articles specifically over the next few weeks. Feel free to share them with anyone else who might be considering homeschooling.


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