Pezze e Piselli

Pezze e Piselli, by Briana Elizabeth

Did everyone make it through? Christmas is over with Easter on its tail, and poof, now that’s gone too. Suddenly it’s May!

I can’t think of anything more wonderful this time of year than to be outside. Whether you’re in fall or in spring, the changing of the seasons is perfect to be mucking about, and if you’ve not picked it up already, I encourage you to buy Exploring Nature with Children, and perhaps trying your own Book of Firsts.

Where I live the salamanders and peepers are making their trips to the vernal ponds, and at night, on a rainy evening, the roads are covered with them which is why the Forestry Service blocks off roads. However, getting out your slickers and flashlights is encouraged! Watching the wee monsters make the trek is a memory children will cherish forever. Plus, they get to stay up past their bedtime, which is always a bit of excitement.

It’s also a month for wonderful poetry. Bring a blanket and some snacks outside for a poetry reading, host a poetry tea where the kids can recite all of those memorized poems, and have some watercolors and paper for painting en plein-air. Break out the nature notebooks, and if you can get them, The Country Diary of an Edwardian LadyThe Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady , The Country Flowers of a Victorian Lady, and Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life  are wonderful books to browse through and be inspired by, for both young and old. In my row of arborvitae, there is a community of finches and we’ve spent countless hours looking out windows as we watch them gather grasses and tufts of hair (that we put out) for nests. The chattering and goings-on are delightful, and really, is there anything better than watching twitterpated birds?

Spring is also the time that in my house we reread The Wind in the Willows. If you haven’t yet read it aloud, I encourage you to do so. Even better if you do so on a blanket by a stream.

Happy Homeschooling!

Briana Elizabeth has been at this homeschool gig since her 23 year old son was in 7th grade, and his psychiatrist told her that he had to be homeschooled. Her son never went back to public school that year, and the following year, she pulled her 4th grade daughter out of public school. Her five other children have all been homeschooled entirely. It was baptism by fire, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Through the years, she has in the end, not only educated her children, but herself, and homeschooling has brought about a whole paradigm change of living for her family. The education that had seemed only possible for the elite was possible through classically homeschooling.


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