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Switching to Summer Mode — And a Giveaway! by Lynne

Comment on any of our posts this week, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a free Boogie Board writing tablet!  

For many families who homeschool year round, the beginning of summer doesn’t mean the end of the school year.  In our house, we do have a point when we switch over from “school year” to “summer break.”  This is mostly for my sake.  I love summer.  I love being outside, planting flowers, floating in the pool.

We continue to do some school work during the summer, just not at the normal pace. We finish up history lessons, we continue to work on math so we don’t get rusty, and we read books.  I love to have family reading time outside in the screened canopy.


I’m very laid back in the summer, and I don’t care about how far we get in our school books.  I think it’s important to continue some work so that the kids don’t get out of the habit and completely lose the progress they’ve made, but summer is a very low-pressure time.

The best part about summer in my neck of the woods is the number of outdoor field trips we can incorporate into our studies.  My favorite summer was when we were studying Ohio history and toured all the Presidential sites in our state, along with an Underground Railroad museum and old Indian Mill that was given to the Wyandot tribe by the U. S. government and then later taken away from them.  The kids learned a lot about history on those trips.

Last summer, we visited our Statehouse and learned how Ohio state government works. We toured a park where all the shrubbery is sculpted to look like Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.  We went geocaching which helped us explore our own backyard.  There are so many fun things to do in the nice weather!

This summer my family will take a trip to Ireland.  I’m looking forward to strolling along the beach and hiking in the green, rocky hills.  I’m also looking forward to watching my boys visit various castles and prehistoric structures and seeing the Book of Kells! This trip will be an enormous learning experience for them.

I’d love to hear how your family handles school in the summer.  Do you stay the course? Do you stop all school work completely?  Join us in our Facebook group for further discussion about summer and homeschooling.

Don’t forget – Comment on any of our posts this week, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a free Boogie Board writing tablet!  

Lynne–Lynne has enjoyed homeschooling her two sons for over 5 years, after their brief stint in the local public school.  Her older son is a humorous fellow with high functioning autism who thrives in a home education environment.  Her younger son is a sensitive soul with a great deal of patience. The boys, Mom, and Dad, along with the two guinea pigs, live in Northeast Ohio.  Lynne holds a Master’s Degree in French Language and Literature.  She is also a Harry Potter fanatic, enjoys line dancing and Zumba, spends hours scrapbooking, and loves organic vegetables.  You can visit her soon-to-be revitalized blog at


6 thoughts on “Switching to Summer Mode — And a Giveaway! by Lynne”

  1. Your screened-in area looks awesome for summer reading! We like to have school on the front porch, but we do have to contend with the bugs. We also like to go on lots of field trips in the spring/summer. I plan to have one day a week devoted to a field trip in Ohio. Otherwise I’ll get to busy and cram other things in. We also want to go to the zoo once a week- kids are very excited about that! But now that we are in 4-H, we have to devote a lot of our summer time to their projects and the myriad requirements that that entails.

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    1. Congratulations, Sher! You have been chosen as one of the winners of a Boogie Board. You can send us a private message on our Facebook page with your address, and we’ll get it in the mail to you, ASAP. Thanks!


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