Student Creative Writing

Student Spotlight: Spence’s Humorous Essay

Editor’s Note: This humorous essay was part of an assignment in Classical Conversations Essentials class. Spence was twelve years old.

My Happy Life

In December 2010 I, Sebastian, was sitting in a cage at Petco. People walked by me as if I was invisible. Then a nine-year-old boy walked in. As soon as he saw me, his eyes lit up with excitement. I could tell his dad was thinking it over. When his dad saw how happy the boy was, he said, “I will get that cat for you, but it will cost a lot of money.” I didn’t care because that day I got my best friend Spence. We play together. We sleep together. Sometimes I do a little pest control for the family.

My favorite playmate is Spence. He loves when I bite his arm or leg hurtfully. With a string or laser, he enjoys teasing me. Someday I am going to catch that crazy red dot. Even the parents’ dog is fun to play with. I chase her wildly across the yard. Other times she sits on me and happily chews my ear. I think she’s trying to pierce it! Spence and I have a lot of fun even when the dog butts in.

I love taking cat naps. On Spence’s snug, cozy bed, I enjoy sleeping. The heater in the hall makes a warm spot to lay also. During Spence’s school time, I like to sleep in a basket on the table. My favorite spot to sleep, though, is the big Spinning Chair which is covered in cat hair. All cats love to sleep, and I am really good at that.

My people have a pest problem: their yard is filled with mice! When I go outside at night, I see mice scurrying about. Happily, the morning light reveals my gifts near the door. By her expression, I’m not sure the mom appreciates my generous offerings. The family rodent problem is resolving, thanks to me.

That day over three years ago changed my life. Playing and sleeping, my boy and I enjoy our life together. Now if only I could teach him to catch mice…..


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