Advent Bucket List, by Jen N.

Every Advent I have great intentions of completing a long list of activities. Luckily the Christmas season is twelve days long, and our school break is even longer. Some years we have written each item on a slip of paper and the kids pulled them out of a jar. Some years I simply made a list on the fridge and we crossed items off. Here’s our list:

  1. Make s’mores over the stove top
  2. Decorate the Tree
  3. Go to a Festival of Trees as a family (We have one at a museum.)
  4. Shop for gifts for Toys for Tots
  5. Unwrap a new holiday book to read
  6. Have hot cocoa and cookies one afternoon
  7.  Make a craft with Mom
  8. Write a letter to Santa
  9. Go to the Christmas play
  10. Go sledding
  11.  Have a family Christmas Movie Night with treats
  12. Have lunch at a special restaurant with your family
  13. Wear new jammies to bed
  14. Decorate cookies and/or a gingerbread house
  15. Donate food to your local food pantry
  16. Make paper snowflakes
  17. Write a card to an armed serviceman
  18. Make wrapping paper
  19. Drive around and look at lights
  20. Wrap Gifts
  21. Game Night
  22. Take a Winter Nature Walk
  23. Make Reindeer Food
  24. Make cookies for Santa
  25. Make cinnamon rolls for Christmas Morning

Here it is as a PDF- Advent Bucket List






Jen N. Jen has spent her time homeschooling her five children since 2001. She has read over 5,000 books aloud. A fan of all things geeky, she calls her children her horcruxes — each one has a talent for something she might have pursued herself. Jen and her husband have created a family of quirky, creative people that they are thrilled to launch out into the world. With the three oldest graduated, Jen now has time on her hands and has started a blog:


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