Book of Joy, Day 2, by Briana Elizabeth

I spent my afternoon crying over a book. A Christmas book. The Wee Christmas Cabin of Carn-na-ween, to be exact. My kids sat and drank their tea with looks of  both horror, and sorrow. Horror that I was crying, and sorrow about the story. I was able to tell them about my Irish side of the family, which wove into stories about Christmas celebrations from when I was a child and how my Papa used to top a tree and put it in my room for me as my very own Christmas tree.


I’m glad I got to share all of that with them, and I’m glad they saw me cry. God forbid I ever become so cold that I can’t shed a tear (or 50) over a sad story. (Or a commercial. Or a kitten meme. Or a song. I’m with worst with songs. There’s apparently this one note that makes me cry every time.)


I want them knowing these stories, and sharing this time with me. I want them to anticipate with warm memories of us reading these books again as we come to another Advent. I want the stories of love, sacrifice, and giving to be a part of their lives.


If you have any Christmas books, by all means, bring them out and read some, and if you don’t have access to a library, might you borrow some?


But most of all, make sure they know YOUR stories. Your family at Christmas stories. Tell them about your first Christmas together as a newly married couple. Tell them the stories of their first Christmas, or their favorite toys as a toddler. Bring out the photo albums and reminisce aloud. The Aunts and Uncles. The sad parts, and the funny parts. These are the stories that form your family culture. They inform your children who you are. Help them remember.


Briana Elizabeth has been at this homeschool gig since her 23 year old son was in 7th grade, and his psychiatrist told her that he had to be homeschooled. Her son never went back to public school that year, and the following year, she pulled her 4th grade daughter out of public school. Her five other children have all been homeschooled entirely. It was baptism by fire, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Through the years, she has in the end, not only educated her children, but herself, and homeschooling has brought about a whole paradigm change of living for her family. The education that had seemed only possible for the elite was possible through classically homeschooling.


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