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Summer Bucket List, by Lynn S

See how many of the activities you can enjoy this summer!

1: Go fruit picking at a local orchard.

2: Go swimming a local lake, pool, or even the sea.

3: Join a summer reading program. There are many online, often local libraries run them too.

4: Go for a day long walk. Pack a picnic and plenty of sunscreen and off you go!

5: Go to the cinema.

6: Go to a concert or play at your local park.

7: Keep a summer journal or scrapbook.

8: Camp in your back garden.

9: Visit a local tourist attraction that you have never been to.

10: Jump on a bus or train with no set destination in mind.

11: Go out and about with your camera and take lots of photographs

12: Make a list of butterflies you see over summer.

13: Pick wild blackberries.

14: Make Blackberry pie!

15: Press wildflowers and use them to decorate notecards.

16: Take blankets, pillows and duvets into the garden. Stay up late watching the stars.

17: Make lemonade.

18: Play hopscotch.

19: Make S’mores.

20: Spend the day under a tree with a good book.

21: Spend the day in your pyjamas watching movies with friends.

22: Make sun tea.

23: Have a water fight.

24: Make a blanket fort.

25: Make a list of things you would like to learn.

26: Write a letter to a friend or family member.

27: Paint a picture.

28: Do a crossword puzzle.

29: Learn to knit.

30: Take a nature walk.

31: Fly a kite.

32: Make breakfast in bed for a family member.

33: Learn a magic trick.

34: Make a treasure hunt, complete with map.

35: Write a song.

36: Watch the sun rise.

37: Bake cookies and take them to an elderly neighbour.

38: Paint rocks.

39: Attempt a world record.

40: Play in the rain.

41: Go for a bike ride.

42: Make a pizza – come up with your own topping.

43: Create your own board game.

44: Have a picnic for dinner in the garden.

45: Make a friendship bracelet.

46: Put on a puppet show for friends & family.

47: Make a sun dial.

48: Have a pillow fight.

49: Blow bubbles

50: Write a poem.


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