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Library Skills Scavenger Hunt, by Jane-Emily

Recently Sandbox to Socrates published the guest post I wrote for To the Moon and Back on teaching your child library skills.  I’d like to continue the theme with another post about learning to use the library.

Once you have explored the library with your child, try this fun scavenger hunt for practicing library skills.  It was designed by a librarian teaching 4th graders but would be fine for ages 9-13, or older with a little tweaking.  It’s really quite long, so spread it over two to four visits according to your needs.

(Note: a call number is the number or letter code on the spine of the book that tells you where the book lives on the shelf.  In an American public library, we use the Dewey Decimal system to categorize non-fiction books, and fiction is alphabetized by author.)

Library Skills Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Odan Jaeger


Jane-Emily–Jane-Emily is a classically homeschooling LDS mom of two girls, and a librarian at the local community college, very part-time. She loves to read and will pick up almost anything. She also loves to sew and mostly does quilting, heirloom sewing, and smocking. And she’s a Bollywood addict. Jane-Emily is our Webmistress.


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