Favorite Online Math Resources, by Lynne

Choosing a math curriculum for your child is somewhat akin to buying an outfit for him. The length might be perfect, but the waist size is too big. Or, you like the style but the color is all wrong. Finding a perfect math curriculum to fit your child’s needs and abilities and your desired participation level is often a real challenge. You might really like how material is presented in your chosen program, but there is not enough practice material. Or, there are plenty of exercises, but the explanation of concepts leaves a lot to be desired.

For these reasons, many families look to supplement curriculum with websites and apps that can provide the needed explanations or practice. Sometimes, families rely solely on websites and apps to do the teaching for them. Just searching for websites and apps bring up myriad choices, so I asked for recommendations from our contributing authors to help you find the extra math help your child may need.

The following websites and apps provide instructional material, videos, math games and more.

Dreambox– This is an online personalized curriculum for elementary and middle school students. There is a fee to use this program, but you can sample some lessons for free on their website.

Khan Academy– Khan Academy is an interactive website that provides free lessons in a variety of subjects. You can find lessons on everything from basic arithmetic to differential equations.

Homeschool Math– A treasure trove of information can be found here, along with plenty of games, printable worksheets, links to videos, and more.

Mathseeds– This program is an introduction to math and problem solving for very young children. There is a subscription fee, but you can register for a free trial.

Education Unboxed– This site provides a host of video demonstrations to show parents how to teach math concepts using Cuisenaire Rods.

Xtramath– This website allows students to practice their basic math facts and improve their fluency and retention.

Arcademic Skill Builders– Dozens of free, fun arcade style games will peak your child’s interest and provide the review you need.

Dragonbox– A set of three apps will help you and your child look at algebra and geometry in a whole new way. This program was the most highly recommended by several of our contributors. Fees apply.

Rocket Math– This app kept my kids busy in several waiting rooms. Use your arithmetic skills to acquire parts to build a rocket to launch.

Timez Attack– This engaging video game will reinforce and help with mastery of basic math facts. A fee schedule is provided on the website.


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