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Author Page: Jen N.




Jen has spent her time homeschooling her five children since 2001. She has read over 5,000 books aloud. A fan of all things geeky, she calls her children her horcruxes — each one has a talent for something she might have pursued herself. Jen and her husband have created a family of quirky, creative people that they are thrilled to launch out into the world. With the three oldest graduated, Jen now has time on her hands and has started a blog:

So What’s the Plan?

Keeping a Commonplace Book

Commonplace Book: Getting Started

Easy Earth Day Activities

Field Trips: Do They Count? A Guide for Homeschoolers

One Room Schoolhouse Math

I Am My Greatest Challenge

Homeschool Urban Style

A Week In The Life

A Day at the Museum (and More if I Convince You Properly)

Scheduling: How to Pull It All Together


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