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Pigby, Digby, and Chuck Learn to Spell, by Megan

Pigby is in third grade, so he’s the speller today. Here’s a look into a spelling session. While we’re using All About Spelling as our curriculum, there are ways to adapt some of these techniques to any curriculum or method.

This particular lesson is a little different in that it doesn’t have a word list at the end. That is usually when I have him use the tiles, segment all the sounds, cover the word, and spell it. I ended up just using the practice words so I could show you how we cover words and spell them.

Why do I make him cover the words and spell it from memory? I got the idea from Ms. Charlotte Mason. Somewhere in one of those volumes, she talks about covering the word so the child can spell it from memory. She says that having to picture it in their minds is the best way to cement proper spelling. She believed that once it was in their mind correctly, it would be more likely to stay correct for the rest of their life.


~Yes, little boys are squirrely.

~Yes, younger siblings interrupt. It happens.

~I try not to immediately correct all his mistakes. I like to see if he can notice them first. Like when he was supposed to spell “napkin” but started with some weird letters. I kept quiet, and eventually he noticed. I think this is an important part of the learning process. Not only do we need to teach them to spell correctly, but we also need to teach them that they should check their work.

~Little boys come with their own sound effects.


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