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You Can’t Do That, by Genevieve

The experienced homeschooling moms at Sandbox to Socrates hold a belief that we often repeat to our younger sisters in this endeavor: “Nobody will ever love your child as much as you do.”

What does that mean? It means when your child needs something, even if others in your world don’t understand, you will move heaven and earth to give your child what she needs. Advocacy at school or in health care situations, extra lessons, extra care, less sleep, more prayer, homeschooling, a family move — Mama will make it happen and people should really respect that. There is no force so great as a Mother’s Love.

Genevieve gives us all some insight into this amazing force in the following poem she wrote in honor of her journey as her beautiful daughter’s thankful mother. ~Editor



“She is never going to make it,” they told me.
“She will need to be on disability,” they said.

I didn’t believe them, and neither did you.

So many roadblocks, so many dead ends and wrong turns….still we kept going.

“Scared!” you texted on your first day of college.
“Just try it. If it is too awful, we can quit.”

More obstacles, huge challenges, small successes…

“You can’t do that,” they tell you. But you do.

“We invite you to join the honors college.”

Appreciation, encouragement….

“Congratulations! We are pleased to award you the Chancellor’s Fellows Honor’s Scholarship.”

Happy ending; I wish I could end our story there.

More roadblocks, prejudice, ignorance…

I wouldn’t change you if I could. For all of the riches of the pharaoh, I wouldn’t make you “normal,” my friend, my hero, my love.

As long as I am alive, I will fight for you.

As long as I have breath, I will ignore the experts, because it is my job.

Because it is my pleasure.


GenGenevieveevieve–is a former public and private school teacher who has five children and has been homeschooling for the past thirteen years. In her free time she provides slave labor to Dancing Dog Dairy, making goat milk soap and handspun yarn, which can be seen on
Our Facebook Page and at Dancing Dog Dairy .


9 thoughts on “You Can’t Do That, by Genevieve”

  1. This is wonderful! What a great message, and it beautifully describes how so many of us feel about our children. Bravo!


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