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Briana Elizabeth has been at this homeschool gig since her 23-year-old son was in 7th grade, and his psychiatrist told her that he had to be homeschooled. Her son never went back to public school that year, and the following year, she pulled her 4th grade daughter out of public school. Her five other children have all been homeschooled entirely. It was baptism by fire, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Through the years she has, in the end, not only educated her children but herself, and homeschooling has brought about a whole paradigm change of living for her family. The education that had seemed possible only for the elite was possible through classically homeschooling.

Briana is also the Business Manager for Sandbox to Socrates

Articles written by Briana:

Stoking the Fire Within

Languid Summer Learning

Always Almost

Nature Study: the Beginning of Loving Our Earth

Which Came First, the Child or the School?

The Table: Family Culture Shared

The Seven Stages of a Relationship

In the Beginning

Perfection in Handicrafts and the Dignity of Work

What Is This Rest and Where Can We Find It?

Why I Chose Homeschooling

A Step Off the Bow

Why Classical Education: Along An Old Road

What Does Creativity Have To Do With Classical Education?

Review: Primary Language Lessons

Parents Are Teachers: No Operator’s Manual

Handwriting: Learning Cursive First

Blessed Be the Interruptions

Preschool Nature Study: A Beginning in Wonder

Cultivating Creativity in the Classical Homeschool

Follow Your Heart

Great Conversations: Podcast with Dr. Christopher Perrin

Reading: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Dictation: the Complement of Narration

One Key to Preventing Burnout: Know Thyself

Free Things for Christmas

Do I Have To? No, But You Get to.

A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool

Homeschool Carousel

Slow and Steady

Math in Real Life



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