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Born and raised in Tennessee, Apryl is a southern girl at heart. She lives out in the country with her husband and her three daughters. She is an artist, photographer and a homeschooler. After having an unfulfilling public school education herself, and struggling to find peace with the education her girls were receiving in the public school system, she made the choice to homeschool. When they began their homeschool journey, the girls were in the third and sixth grades. Now she is happily coaching three teenaged daughters through their high school years and creating art whenever she can. You can visit her blog at Following Him Home.

Apryl is also the Art Director for Sandbox to Socrates.

Articles written by Apryl:

High School to College: A Gradual Transition

Another Season of Life

When Reality Sinks In

Arts and Crafts Explained: Series Introduction

Arts and Crafts Explained: Drawing Pencils

Elementary Algebra: A Review

Arts and Crafts Explained: Learn Pencil Control and Shading

Arts and Crafts Explained: Drawing Paper

Science At Our House: Elementary through Graduation

The Science of Color

Arts and Crafts Explained: Clay!

Why Classical and Why Now?

Inspiring Creativity at Our House

Arts and Crafts Explained: Needle Felting

Memoria Press Review: Traditional Logic

Arts and Crafts Explained: Our Chalk Walk Experience

Parents are Teachers: Calling for Backup

Arts and Crafts Explained: Beginning Colored Pencils

Weird Homeschooled Kid? You Bet!

Arts and Crafts Explained: Colored Pencil Lesson Roundup

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled High School Family

Arts & Crafts Explained: Kandinsky Collage

 High School Isn’t as Scary as it Seems

Mom as Guidance Counselor: A Task to Dread or a Time to Connect?

Arts and Crafts Explained: Watercolor Cityscape Project


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