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Author Page: Jen W.



Jen is a born and bred Sooner who has spent twenty years following her military husband around the world. Jen started on her homeschooling journey when her eldest daughter learned to read at three years old, and she decided that she couldn’t screw up kindergarten that badly. That child is now a senior in high school, and they have both survived homeschooling throughout. Jen has two more children who are equally smart and have also homeschooled all along.

Articles written by Jen:

Frederick by Leo Lionni

Education as a Commodity

This is Just to Say by William Carlos Williams

High School Dissection

Real Science 4 Kids, Focus on Middle School: Astronomy Review

Even More Science Apps

What’s So Great About the Great Books?

Why I Homeschool


Why Classical Education? High Standards Customized

What Can Jane Austen Tell Us About Choosing a Spouse?


The Canterbury Tales

Healing Modern Warriors Through the Past


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