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Author Page: Genevieve



Genevieve–is a former public and private school teacher who has five children and has been homeschooling for the past thirteen years. In her free time she provides slave labor to Dancing Dog Dairy, making goat milk soap and handspun yarn, which can be seen on
Our Facebook Page and at Dancing Dog Dairy .

Articles written by Genevieve:

I am Not Ashamed

Moving the Finish Line

Time In

Relationship First

Greenest Pastures

I’m Writing; Won’t You Join Me?

Homeschooling: A Love Story

Living a Beautiful Life, Before It’s Too Late

Observe Your Child

You Can’t Do That

The Universe Provides

There is No Crying in Homeschool

One Method to Rule Them All: The Narration Process Crosses Every Discipline

Jack-o-Lantern Soup

All In



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