The world is our School Room

One of the most beautiful things about homeschooling is the ability to tailor your learning to your environment and interests.  The notion that you have to have a dedicated school room in order to homeschool just isn’t true.  Our writers have given us a glimpse of the many ways and places their families learn.

This will be a weekly feature at Sandbox to Socrates, and we are looking for submissions!  Each week we will pick the top 5 photos and feature them on our blog.  You can submit your photos by linking to them in the comments below, or by posting them in our Facebook Group. Please only submit photos that you own and that everyone in the photo has given permission to be published on our blog.

*The Facebook Group is a closed group, but open for anyone to join.  This means that while anyone can join the group, posts are visible only to the members of the group.

5 thoughts on “The world is our School Room”

  1. Readers, please do submit your own family’s World Classroom photos! We would love to keep this as a regular feature on Fridays and we’d love for your children to join the fun!


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