Review: Primary Language Lessons, by Emma

I was given the opportunity to review Emma Serl’s Primary Language Lessons Part 1, which is recommended for children in the second grade. We had already been using the original book, so the material wasn’t new to us, but I have loved having the glossary, vocabulary section, teacher helps, resource list and updated lessons in such a handy format. Plus, there was no need for an additional notebook, as the pages were already beautifully designed and included lines for writing. The download was a snap — just click and go. The price can’t be beat as it is well worth the $8.95.

As I said, we had been using the book before being given the chance to review the workbook. I loved that this one little book included picture study, nature study, poetry, grammar, origin, composition, letter writing and more. My son loved reading the passages and writing about them. Both my son and my younger daughter enjoyed the lovely photos and took part in the picture study activities.


During the lessons, he learned how to address an envelope and write a letter. He memorized a poem and practiced his comprehensions skills. He also learned when to capitalize in a name and spent time researching farming practices. The sweet Charlotte Mason approach is both thorough and gentle. The lessons are short and enjoyable, yet they cover quite a bit of material.

I would certainly recommend this curriculum to anyone who is looking for a thorough elementary Language Arts program. It is both Charlotte Mason and classical in approach and I feel most children would benefit from the lovely photos and beautiful language of the book. The workbook format makes it that much easier to use.

I will use this again when my youngest is in second grade, and I plan to purchase Part 2 for my oldest once we have finished Part 1.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review on the Sandbox to Socrates blog. Opinions expressed in this review are the opinions of myself or my family and do not necessarily reflect those of the Sandbox to Socrates blog. I received no compensation for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review. This disclosure is in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


EmmaemmaEmma has been married for seven years, and is mom of two, plus one once-crazy dog. She’s been homeschooling for three years now in NC. In addition to being a wife, mom and educator, she is also a Graphic Designer.

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