Curriculum Review: Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons Workbooks by Cynthia Albright

Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons were books written in the 1900s by Emma Serl to teach English language skills, and are often used by Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers.

The reviewers at Sandbox to Socrates have had the opportunity to use Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons workbooks created from these original texts. These workbooks have updated language, and an easier-to-use format than the original books.

See what our reviewers had to say!

Caitilin – “I have been familiar with and a big fan of Intermediate Language Lessons for at least five years. Imagine my pleasure upon receiving this new workbook…” click here for full review.

Tammy – “My sixth-grade son had just finished two semesters of rigorous writing and grammar study, but I didn’t want him to lose the knowledge…” click here for full review.

Briana – “My children are wonderful writers, and I fully give credit to Emma Serl’s books…” click here for full review.

Emma – “We had already been using the original book, so the material wasn’t new to us, but I have loved having the glossary, vocabulary section, teacher helps, resource list and updated lessons…” click here for full review.

Amy D“I have been intrigued by Emma Serl’s Primary Language Lessons for quite some time. Originally published in 1911, Primary Language Lessons incorporates poetry, memorization, narration, dictation, grammar, composition, and picture study…” click here for full review.

Amy R – “I love Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl. I used it with my older children so I know how gentle, thorough, and effective this book can be…” click here for full review.

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