Our Path to Homeschooling, by Emma


When our oldest was born, we swore we would never homeschool him (or have a homebirth, or let him sleep with us, et cetera.). Homeschooling was fine, for other people. It just wasn’t for us. I didn’t know ANYONE who homeschooled, growing up. My husband knew one child who was homeschooled.


Fast forward a couple of years, and many new friendships later, and a whole new world started opening up to us. After our son was born, we found ourselves re-evaluating most of our previous beliefs. Almost everything we had said we would never do, we now were seriously considering. Including homeschooling. My husband was still sort of on the fence. I was quickly warming up to the idea. We decided to put our two-year-old in preschool for a year and see how it went. Well, it was…fine. Not good, not bad, it just was. The teachers asked if he spoke much at home because he was so quiet at school. That shocked us because at home? He never stopped talking! So we questioned if it was the best environment for him. I started researching homeschooling, talking to other moms and trying to figure out exactly what homeschooling would look like. As our baby became a preschooler and then turned five, we decided to give it one year. One year to see whether it worked for our family. It only took a few months before we were convinced this was the right path for us.

Homeschooling has allowed our children the freedom to be kids. To play, to use their imagination, to be free to live outside the box. In our home, a school uniform can range from pajamas and a funny hat for our son, to a princess costume or a bathing suit for our daughter. Homeschooling has allowed us to spend more time together as a family. My husband works odd hours, so homeschooling gives them time to spend together when he is home. It has given us the freedom to travel as needed or desired. It’s been a blessing during times of family difficulties.


I don’t know if we will homeschool through high school. We still take it year by year. Given how well it suits our children, though, I’d be surprised if we didn’t just continue down this path. I always said I wouldn’t be a life-long homeschooler, but I was wrong about everything else, so why not this?




Emmemmaa–Emma has been married for seven years, and is mom of two, plus one once-crazy dog. She’s been homeschooling for three years now in NC. In addition to being a wife, mom and educator, she is also a Graphic Designer.



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