Biomes of the World by Cheryl


We spent a great deal of time outside this summer. We hiked in the Rockies, we swam in Lake Erie, and we explored the desert. My kids asked lots of great questions: What is that animal? What is that plant? Why does that plant grow here? I answered what I could and then I decided to change directions on our science plans for the year.

I purchased a beautiful Chemistry book with lots of experiments, but that is on hold while we study the biomes of the world as well as the plants and animals that live in each one. The whole idea of building my own course was overwhelming, but I think I have a good grasp on how I want the year to proceed and how I can find all the materials I need.


First – I needed to know how many biomes there are in the world so I could decide how long we could study each one. This proved more difficult than you might think. There does not seem to be a consensus on how many biomes there are. Each book or website I studied had a slightly different list. The basic list I am going with is Deciduous Forest, Rain Forest, Grassland, Taiga, Desert, Tundra, Marine, Freshwater, and Ice. This works well for two reasons:

1) There are nine and I have nine months of school, and

2) They are the biomes as listed on the World Biomes Bulletin Board Set I purchased from Amazon.


I also picked up Many Biomes, One Earth It has a nice overview of the biomes (it breaks them down differently than the map, but has a concise description of each biome). The rest of our books will come from the library. Our local library has a great selection of books on habitats and animals that live in them. So far we have picked up poetry books, activity books, story books, and general information books.

We live in Oklahoma, so it made sense to start with where we live. Our first unit will be on the grasslands of the world – the prairies of America to the Savannas of Africa!

Cheryl is a singing, dancing, baking, homeschooling mom of three. She has danced her whole life and taught ballet and theatre for most of her adult life. Her favorite pastime has always been cooking and baking, and as a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant she gets to share that love with others. Home educating her three children has been and continues to be one of her greatest learning experiences! It is an adventure she is ready to continue.

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