Thank you, HSBA! StS: a Top 10 New Homeschooling Blog in 2013

Sandbox to Socrates is thrilled to learn that we are part of this illustrious company, the Top 10 Best New Homeschooling Blogs nominated for this contest in 2013!

We began publishing this collaborative blog in 2013, but the concept and vision go much farther back. We’ve been talking about it for years!   We’ve been rewarded for our hard work in so many ways: We’ve had the fun of knowing what it’s like for friends to grow into a team centered around a cause. We’ve had the chance to hone our mission and consider our opinions, and look back over our own experiences as classical home educators. We’ve learned that we have hidden talents and strengths, and a passion for sharing our love of learning.

We will cherish this award from the homeschooling community. We’re proud to be here, and excited to meet new friends in the blogosphere as we gear up for a wonderful year of blogging together here at Sandbox to Socrates in 2014.  Thanks again, Homeschool Blog Awards!

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