June 2013 — Deep Winter

by Rose-Marie

Our old mate the swamp wallaby features again…

dscf1079    Age 6, grade Prep

Daughter kept mixing up moss and lichen, so we went a-wandering to try and fix that, and to see if it all looked healthier than last time we looked. It certainly did. Yay for rain!

dscf10801Age 6, grade Prep

This picture really doesn’t do the experience justice. Imagine standing on a hill just before dawn and seeing shooting stars, that fade as the sun rises and brightens the sky…

dscf1082Age 6, grade Prep

Look, it was worth going outside in the freezing cold to see feathery patterns on the windshield. I don’t know if Daughter was really impressed, but I convinced her to draw it in her journal, and she is pleased with the journal entry.

dscf1083Age 6, grade Prep

Remember that brightly coloured waterfall? This time it is blue. :)

dscf1084Age 6, grade Prep

Out of everything we saw on our trip up to Terrick Terrick National park and the Hattah Lakes, all she wanted to draw was the pelican we saw for all of two seconds as we drove past at 80km per hour. Personally, I was hoping she’d be impressed about the moss growing at Hattah Lakes. Who knew moss would even grow on sand? Maybe everybody, but I didn’t!

dscf1085Age 6, grade Prep

Rose-Marie was one of those enthusiastic planners who began researching when she was pregnant with her first. She wanted to homeschool because it sounded like an affordable adventure, then she met her kids personally…DD is 6 years old and has Echolalia and some processing issues so isn’t speaking fluently yet. DS is 4 years old, has retained primitive reflexes and while there may be a deity somewhere who knows what’s going to happen with this kid, he/she/it hasn’t chosen to inform us. They live on a hill in rural southern Australia without enough solar panels and like it there.

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