A Year of Holidays With Mrs. Warde

Teaching about holidays is one of our homeschool gaps. Besides Christmas and Easter we haven’t discussed or taught our kids much beyond mentioning “Oh, yeah, today’s Valentine’s Day,” or “What do you want to be for Halloween?” I really want to remedy that. I got discouraged last year when I picked up the Hurray for Today book and found a lack of actual facts, invented facts, and a completely anti-God viewpoint. This year when I was looking through the Scholastic dollar deals I found The Scholastic Big Book Of Holidays Around The Year. This book’s brief explanation of the different faiths that holidays come from is respectful and much better than pretending that none of these holidays came from any religious observance.

The book is written for teachers of regular-sized classrooms, and is adaptable for any elementary-aged child. It gives a brief summary of the origins of each holiday, the meaning of its symbols, and some activity ideas as well as several book recommendations. It covers all the major holidays, national and minor holidays, and even adds in some that I had never heard of, including the birth of Confucius and Hispanic Heritage Month. We’re not going to do every single holiday in the book this year. But we will be using it through the year, possibly for several years in a row.

My idea for sharing this with Sandbox to Socrates readers is to post a plan several days before the actual day so that you can celebrate along with us. The plan for November is to celebrate Veteran’s Day on the 11th and Thanksgiving on the 28th. (Unless it’s a worldwide holiday, we will be studying American holidays this year.)

The Big Book of Holidays Around the Year is now available for just $1 until November 8 through Scholastic Dollar Days! If you’d like to get it and work along with us or see all the things that we aren’t doing this year, check it out!

In the picture: Meet Builder Boy (6) Early Bird (4) and Lady Bug (3 months)

Mrs. Warde is a stay at home, homeschooling mother of three and a Pinterest addict. She has too many craft projects started to mention, though very few are ever finished. She blogs mostly about homeschooling and sometimes about preemie issues over at sceleratusclassicalacademy.blogspot.com.

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