Introducing Sandbox to Socrates

Hello, world!  We are a group of mothers who met–in the virtual realm–through our shared interest in homeschooling, especially concerning classical education.  For some time we have wanted to raise a public voice in support of home education and of inclusiveness in the homeschooling world.  As we discussed the many issues we want to bring up, we discovered that we have some very ambitious ideas, but precious little time to accomplish them as we navigate the daily realities of motherhood and family life.  We therefore decided to start a blog, in hopes of bringing people together to discuss homeschooling while still keeping up with our lives.

We chose our name because collectively, we have raised children of all ages, and we have lots to share about every stage!   We want our focus to be classical, but “classical” includes lots of playtime, fun, and yes–joy.

We are all very different people!  As we write about our lives and our opinions, you will see some variety here.  That is what we are hoping for–to share our different experiences in hopes that we can support others in their journeys.  We have practical ideas, to help you get through the daily work of educating your children, and we love to discuss theories and inspirational dreams.

Home education is big enough for everyone who wants to dedicate themselves to learning and to teaching children.    We are not here to push particular lifestyles or faiths (although you will certainly see us talk about our own in the course of things); we want to support home education regardless of lifestyle or faith tradition.

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